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Introducing Michele Spencer, the visionary mind and practitioner behind Ur2Liv4Lov. Michele is not just a certified yoga expert, spiritual wellness mentor, and masseuse; she is a Sacred Global Art-vist deeply devoted to the philosophy of Holy “InSpirited” Wellness. With a strong belief in a universally harmonious world, Michele embodies the ideals of unity and love.

Beyond her yoga and spiritual wellness expertise, Michele is also a children’s book author, infusing her tales with wisdom and empathy that captivate young minds. Her holistic approach to well-being embraces not only the physical and spiritual realms but also nurtures a profound connection to the global community.

Michele’s commitment to fostering a world grounded in love and unity is the cornerstone of Ur2Liv4Lov. Here, she wholeheartedly guides individuals on transformative paths, fostering a deep sense of balance, harmony, and inner tranquility.

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My Dharma/ Magnus Opus…Journey is to “LIVE while I AM Living”! LOVE- COMPASSION- JOY- COMMUNITY. Having a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters with a high level of Empathy, Respect, and Innerstanding.


A SOUL-dier: Spiritual Warrior SERVED in the Army for 34 years and an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. I continue to ~ SERVE ~ our Planet Mother Gaia/ Panchama with the highest intent using Ancestral Wisdom. “All that is Good, Beautiful and True!”


Integrated Healing Art-ivist (Licensed Massage Therapist/Registered Yoga Teacher/ Reiki/Sound, Permaculture Design, CommUNITY Sovereignty). I Am committed to Holy “InSpirited” Wellness. A Sacred Global Art-vist BELIEVING in a World that WORKS for EVERYONE!!!
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